The clothing of the “kuruc people” was composed of a linen shirt, a jacket, a sash, long trousers, a cloak with a strap, a cap and leather boots or “krpce” (typical leather peasant shoes). Further parts include a wooden water flask (“čútora”), a leather bag for cartridges and a belt with a buckle.




The traditional arms of the “kuruc people” included a long ‘flint and steel’ rifle, a ‘flint and steel’ gun, a small sabre and a combat pickaxe (“fogoš”).

Long ‘flint and steel’ rifle – loaded from the front by black gunpowder and a lead bullet by means of a wooden ramrod. The shot occurred after the flint got into contact with the siderite. The rifle was sometimes enhanced by a bayonet, which then substituted the dagger.
Flint and steel’ gun – a type of ‘flint and steel’ rifle, shorter, smaller calibre
Small sabre – Hungarian-type sabre, forged, lightened
Combat pickaxe (“fogoš”) – combat axe with a spike