In the village Vavrišovo, a group of initiators has started to form since the year 1993 under the leadership of Mr. Števčeka. This group concerns itself with the history of the village and attempts to gather as much materials and knowledge about it as possible. One of the last fights of the class uprising of František II. Rákoci, who ran through the area of the village with his army in 1709, can be considered the most significant historic event for the village of Vavrišovo.
In November 2007, the political representatives of the village of Vavrišovo decided to revive the historic fights after 300 years , and thus they asked their Czech partners, who already had experience in terms of reconstructing these fights, for cooperation. The village of Vavrišovo did not have any previous experience with organising cultural events focused on the presentation of live military history, and thus the information and knowledge of the Czech partners were really irreplaceable during the project preparation.
In April 2008, the abovementioned villages embarked upon cooperation and agreed on conducting common activities, which are, through their character and focus on the given period in history, very unique, introducing innovations into the offerings of the tourist industry, and also contributing to the support of preservation of culture and traditions in the region around the borders. In August 2009, the villages shall organise a reconstruction of a fight, which is known as “Švihrovská fight”, together. This military clash of the Austrian army (“labanci”) and the rebels (“kuruci”) happened nearby the village of Vavrišovo. After several discussions regarding the name of the fight, the Liptov region has decided to call this fight: the Fight at Vavrišovo.
At present, a civil club under the name Hornoliptovský kurucký regiment, has been founded in Vavrišovo. This club shall support and present project activities of the village of Vavrišovo.
The club’s task is to search and propagate new facts about the events that happened during the class uprising of František II. Rákoci, with focus especially on the Fight at Vavrišovo.


Conference in honour of the 300th anniversary of the Fight at Vavrišovo
The conference is being prepared in cooperation with the regional and national historians, who study topics from the period of the class uprising of František II. Rákoci, as well as topics from the period after the fall of the uprising. It shall focus on circumstances, which accompanied this event, as well as on the direct impact of this event on the local people. The aim is to emphasise the power of decisions made by individuals, and to stress the influence these decisions had on the faith of the entire people. The Fight at Vavrišovo itself shall be examined in greater detail, and the following rhetorical questions shall be asked::
1. What was the reason for its outcome?
2. What was the role played by the relationships between the individuals in the fight?
3. What was the influence of the fight on the local people?
4. What visible physical traces did this fight leave in the valley of the Belá river?

There shall also be a performance at the conference, namely the Collection of lectures and contributions, which shall include translations of publications related to the historic event of the village of Vavrišovo of 4th to 10th August 1709, as no books have so far been published on this topic in the Slovak language.

1st volume of the reconstruction of the Fight at Vavrišovo (celebration of the 300th anniversary of the fight in August 2009)
The reconstruction of the fight shall take place on the “Bórovie” meadows by the village of Vavrišovo. Based on knowledge obtained from various historic sources, a scenario of the course of the historic fight shall be prepared, based on which the participating protagonists from the military ranks shall conduct live performance of the fight and present it to the visitors. Volunteers in period uniforms and costumes representing the military ranks shall take part in the reconstruction of the fight. A part of the scene of the given event shall also be a tent camp, where the protagonists shall present the military life typical for the reconstructed period. The reconstruction shall be organised by the civil club “Hornoliptovský kurucký regiment”, comprised of devotees from the village of Vavrišovo itself, as well as from the neighbouring areas. These devotees shall then be joined by further invited representatives of military historic groups from Slovakia as well as from Hungary, dressed in the uniforms of the “kuruc people”. The representatives of the group “Valašský sbor portášsky” from the Czech Republic shall represent, along with other invitees, the resistance army against the “kuruc people” (i.e. the Austrian army – the “labanc people”), which was fortified in the village of Vavrišovo by the so-called “šiance” (ditch and fortification made of sticks weaved with osiers).
This reconstruction, accompanied by firing of rifles and cannons, shall last for approximately 1 hour. Afterwards, a cultural programme shall be prepared for the visitors. Attractions for children and various craftsmen shall be at disposal during the whole day.
The entry to the event shall be free for all visitors.

Construction of a memorial in the village
In the village of Vavrišovo, next to the municipal council, a memorial, which shall serve as a commemoration of the historic event of the year 1709 to the inhabitants of the village as well as to its visitors, shall be constructed. The memorial shall serve in remembrance of the victims of the Fight at Vavrišovo, as the village was burnt down, resulting in the deaths of many local inhabitants.

Publication and distribution of information leaflets
Information leaflets about the activities of the project in the village of Vavrišovo and in the partner village of Valašská Bystřica, as well as about the activities of the group “Valašský sbor Portášsky”, shall serve as an invitation for the people living in the Liptov region and the surrounding areas of Valašská Bystřice to cultural activities in both villages.

Construction of a museum of the Fight at Vavrišovo and arrangement of a permanent exposition (opening in the year 2010)
A museum with a permanent exposition shall be constructed in the area between the historic barns representing traditional folk architecture of the Liptov region. The highest object shall be the observatory tower with a unique view of the Belá river, as well as of the ridge of the Western Tatras and the majestic Kriváň mountain. The museum interior shall be used for exhibiting the 18th century regional history of the Liptov region. It shall be gradually filled not only with artefacts from the Fight at Vavrišovo, but also with samples and objects representing other significant events, and pictures portraying the life of the common people in the given period in history.
The history of Portáš as well as the traditions of this region shall also find their place in the museum in the form of photographs. The museum shall also serve for the teaching of regional education and regional history for children and youth from elementary and secondary schools in the Liptov region, around the time when these children and youth study the relevant events at school, and it shall transfer them to the given period in history in a very realistic way.

Publication and distribution of a DVD film about the project
On this DVD, chapters about the preparation of the entire project in cooperation with the partners shall be recorded, as well as picture presentations of the actual organisation of investment activities and video recordings of the actual organisation of educational and cultural events in the villages of both Vavrišovo and Valašská Bystřice.

Monograph of the village of Vavrišovo
A monograph of the village of Vavrišovo shall be published in relation with the described project as a summary of the complete history of the region which influenced the development of this village. The book shall be a component of the representative materials about the project, and shall be preserved for the future as a part of the project, and shall strengthen this project’s influence on the development of regional culture and regional education. This publication shall be “baptised” during the closing cultural event in honour of the opening of the museum of the Fight at Vavrišovo, as well as in honour of the finishing of the project, and this event shall be held during the 301st anniversary of the Fight at Vavrišovo in August 2010.

2nd volume of the reconstruction of the Fight at Vavrišovo (in the year 2010)
The entire project shall be closed by a similar cultural event as in 2009 (celebrations of the 300th anniversary of the Fight at Vavrišovo), which shall contribute to the formation of a tradition in organising common activities with the village of Valašská Bystřice and with the group “Valašský sbor Portášky” in the future, too. More and more protagonists shall participate in this cultural event, and an increase in the number of visitors is expected, too. The 2nd volume shall be connected with the opening of the museum of the Fight at Vavrišovo, with the presentation of the DVD film about the project, as well as with the presentation of the monograph of the village of Vavrišovo.
The course of this cultural event shall have a similar character as the previous volume. However, the 2nd volume shall mark the end of organising common activities under the support of the EU communities through the Programme of regional cooperation Slovak Republic – Czech Republic.
The common activities of all partners shall, however, continue onwards and their intensity shall increase by cooperating with further partners. Within the area of the village of Vavrišovo, as well as in this village’s surroundings and within the entire Liptov region, the basis for remarkable cultural cooperation on the borders of the Slovak and Czech Republic shall be laid, and a valuable product of cross-border cultural tourism shall originate this way as well.