The museum of the Fight at Vavrišovo with a permanent exposition shall be opened in August 2010 in honour of the 2nd volume of the reconstruction of the Fight at Vavrišovo.

The building shall be enhanced by an observatory tower with a unique view of the Belá river, as well as of the ridge of the Western Tatras and the majestic Kriváň mountain. The museum and the observatory tower shall represent the traditional folk architecture of the Liptov region, with special focus on the usage of natural materials – wood and stone.

The interior of the museum shall be used for exhibiting the regional history of the Liptov region of the 18th century. It shall be gradually filled not only with artefacts from the Fight at Vavrišovo, but also with samples and objects representing other significant events, and pictures portraying the life of the common peoples in this historic period.

Every visitor shall have the opportunity to watch a DVD film about the reconstruction of the fight and the preparation of the project. The film shall be showed in cycles during the museum opening hours. Models of soldiers in uniforms, which the visitors shall be able to try on and take a picture in, shall also be presented in the museum. There shall also be a plastic map of terrain and the fight itself at disposal. On the walls of the interior, photographs of activities of the common project shall be projected. Some space shall be dedicated to the presentation of the history of the “portáš people” and traditions in the form of photographs, too. The museum shall also serve for the teaching of regional education and regional history for children and youth from elementary and secondary schools in the Liptov region, around the time when these children and youth study the relevant events at school, and it shall transfer them to the given period in history in a very realistic way.

The museum shall also provide further propagating materials about the region, as well as recommend activities taking place in the village of Valašská Bystřice. This way, the task of mutual cooperation of the partners on the project shall be fulfilled, and it can further continue even after the project is finished. The existence of the museum shall, to a considerable extent, contribute to the strengthening of cultural tourism in the Liptov region, and shall also direct attention to the “portáš” activities ongoing in the village of Valašská Bystřice.