The Fight at Vavrišovo took place in August 1709, at the time when the class uprising of František II. Rákoci was approaching its final stage. The military situation in the Liptov region was favourable for the army of the “kuruc people”, which the commandants were ware of. As for the fact that the imperial armies were small in numbers, much smaller than the armies of the “kuruc people”, the commandants had to choose a type of defence, which was quite atypical for the given period in history. They closed the Liptov valley by two wooden beams constructed parallel to each other, in many places strengthened by wooden fortresses which were used to control problematic parts of the defensive beams. In order to enhance the defence strategy, they tried to make the situation more difficult for the “kuruc” armies by building earthworks. The bases of the defence – the villages of Liptovský Peter, Vavrišovo and Pribylina – were surrounded by wooden “šiance”, i.e. pole constructions commonly used in that period. The attacking armies chose the village of Vavrišovo as their target. The reason for this could also be the fact that this village was geometrically in the centre of defence.
The course of the fight, just as many times before in history and many times after, did not have the characteristics anticipated by the defenders, but also surprised the attacking armies of the “kuruc people”.
The well-built defence lines were not useful for the defence at all, and the whole fight was concentrated around the Vavrišovo “šianec”, where the “labanc people” needed to focus their attention. The fact that the Vavrišovo “šianec” was defended successfully serves as evidence of the fact that the “kuruc” army did not have the strength to win the battle in the end. One day the historians might discover documents explaining why this actually happened. However, if the “kuruc” army had won the battle and would thus be able to enter the valley of the river Váh, who knows if the “labanc people” would ever be able to stop them. The Fight at Vavrišovo is one of the smaller fights of the class uprising of František II. Rákoci, but the way of defence and the outcome of this fight are ranked among a number of curiosities of the military history of Slovakia.